Sunday, November 21, 2010

Lo Siento mis amigos.
I have been MIA for awhile now, I have missed you.  Some things have been keepin me busy, the volleyball season kicking into full swing and the ever continuous remodel of our home.  I hope you are doing well and excited for a turkey, shopping and family filled week.
While I have almost had to call in reinforcements to advertise my coaching abilities to some prospective players after 2 weeks my Dad and I ALMOST have a team.  I have found that tryouts are not only for the girls but for the coaches.  I almost feel as if it is a personal attack if they do not choose to be on my team. I mean, come on, am I not the best coach ever?  Seriously I'm kidding best coach ever thing, I try my best.  I Hate this time of the season, and I don't just toss that word around lightly, and every year it seems to get a little more ridiculous.  I do however love that first practice, you know the one that they actually all listen at.
Anyway, Our downstairs is slowly getting transformed and we will soon be able to use our entire house!  Our bathroom has gone from this...

To this in 2 weeks time.
To say that I love it, doesn't even cover my excitement.  It's amazing.  Even more amazing because we didn't have to do anything but pick out the appliances/paint/tile.  Of course we still need to find a mirror, but then it will be a full functionin bathroom, woo hoo!


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