Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Where have you been?!!?'s been awhile. But I'm back for a little update :-) We've been a little busy the past year with this little cutie.
Here is the story of her coming into this crazy world.
Our daughter Emily finally arrived on September 28th at 3:07 AM 3 days late.  Here's the story...(if you aren't wanting labor details look away)
September 27th Josh and I were up early since who can sleep when you know you are going to be parents at any second???!!!!  We decided Cracker Barrel would be a great way to start the day, so we set off to breakfast.  As we sat there we noticed right next to us was a Pharmacist from Giant who was good friends with Josh. Such a nice guy, I remember him from when I was a kid.  We had a great time, they left and as we got our check found out they paid for our meal! How sweet.  We then carried on with our day with a stop at Marshalls.  Got home and did some laundry, and cleaning then settled down for a nap.  Josh fell asleep, I just rested my eyes. And around 3pm I began to feel contractions.
They progressed from "was that one?" to "okay here we go again, ack!".  Around 4pm I called the Dr.'s office to give them a heads up.  They told me to head to the hospital, since the Dr. was already there doing a surgery.  I got a shower and had a bowl of ramen (since I've heard so many horror stories of woman not being able to eat for hours and hours).  I figured ramen wouldn't be too rough on my already upset belly.  Then we were on our way to the hospital!
Last prego pic! 2 days late.

On our way to have a baby!

We checked in around 6 I think?  I was in "early labor" and only dilated about 2cm.  So they said they would check me in an hour and in the mean time to walk around.  So we did, walk..stop have a contraction, walk, have a contraction, this went on and on and then I had about enough and laid down in bed.  Finally about 2 hours later they checked me again.  I think I was about 4 cm and apparently progressed enough to get me into a labor and delivery room.  You know the room with all the fancy stuff.

We got to the labor room and filled out papers in between contractions.  At this point I was still OK, they were becoming painful and more frequent.  My Dr. came in maybe around midnight to see where we were at.  I was about 8cm.  The nurse couldn't believe it. She thought for sure I was at 4cm still the way I was dealing with the pain. **Or maybe she said this to make me feel good?**  So they ordered the epidural.  It is such a weird sensation, you can actually feel the medicine (which feels cold?) go down your spine.  Weird. I also got a pump to give myself additional epidural but was told later I wasn't pumping it enough.  So... Dr. came in again checked me and I was almost there, she said I had a half a cm to go till pushing.  At this point she left and told me when I feel downward pressure to call them and that meant it was time to push. It wasn't long before I got that feeling and called them in.
This was the last picture Josh took before Emily was born?

I pushed for about 45 minutes, which seemed like eternity , and those you have pushed for longer my hats go off to you, mama!  I'll spare you the horror I went through after. Lets just say I was in more pain than labor when they had to fix me up.
Where was Josh this whole time? Right beside me :-) He held my right leg up as I pushed, wiped my forehead with a cold cloth, helped me breath and coached me on.  I remember him telling me that there was no way he was going to do this, but when the time came he stepped up the the plate.
So out popped this screaming cutie, with a full head of dark brown hair!
Her very first picture by her daddy
Emily had some visitors in the waiting room.

Our first family picture

The next day we had some more visitors! Or actually it was the same day...mama needs a nap!

Pretty soon it was time to venture home!

The rest is history! I promise I will try try try to post a little more often :-) And update soon with some recent pictures!