Saturday, June 26, 2010


On my trip to Target today I picked up a pair of shoes for $4.98 (cha-ching!) and this for $2.48...
A little something for our soon to be new office...

Who would have thought success would be on clearance and only cost you $2.48?

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Look Ma , no hands!

Besides produce I didn't do much shopping last week, my shopping schedule has kinda developed into an every other week deal.  With it just being the two of us it works for now.   I had $12 worth of Walgreens coupons that expired on the 20th so I needed to get in the store.  Luckily there were some A-mazing deals in this weeks ad! 
Gillettes buy $25 get $10 register reward;

Gillette Clinical deodarent: $8.99
Total= $5.99
Gillette Deodarent: 4 @4.99=$19.96
(2)MFC's buy 2 get $4 off-$8.00
Total=$11.96 for 4

Gillette deal- $11.96 + $5.99= $17.95
Register Rewards- $10.00
Total= $7.95

Gillette body wash: $4.49
Total: $2.49
Gillette Fusion Razor: $9.89
Walgreens Coupon-$2.00
Register Rewards-$5.00
Total= -$2.89(YES! That's right I made $2.89 on this one!!!)

Aussie Shampoo and Gel: (2) @ $2.99= $5.98
Register Rewards-$2.00
Total for 2= $1.98

Herbal Essance Shampoo: $2.99
Total= $1.99

Lysol toilet bowl cleaner: (2) @ $2.99=$5.98
BOGO= $2.99
Total for 2= $1.99or $1.00 each!!

Dentyne gum- $1.29
Total= $.29

Hershey Bar-$.89
Walgreens Coupon-$.40
Total= $.49

Honey Nut Cheerios- 2 for $5
Total=$4.00 or $2.00each

DiGorno Pizza-$5.00
Total- $1.00

Total before coupons and register rewards: $55.46
After coupons and register rewards($12 from previous trip) : $30.39
After Register Rewards printed this trip $22.50: $7.89!!

Put the lime in the coconut and shake it up!

I'm beginning to think this is a drinking blog...really people I don't drink that often, just trying out some new recipes I've stumbled upon.

YUM Found this on super delish and calorie friendly.  Really the only calories come from the rum!  I used coconut rum instead of regular...and may have added just a tiny bit more *wink wink*  Just goes to show you don't need to skip out on flavor when you skip on calories.  Cheers!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Pink?!? Part 2

P.I. Buss (before I was a G, I was a B, and I inherited my P.I.ness from the B.) at your service...So my dilema with the pink hydrangea when I thought I was getting blue.  Believe it or not you can change the color of your hydrangea by putting aluminum in the soil?!?!?! I'm torn...
Why mess with nature? hello?!?!? it's actually blooming for me, maybe I inherited some of my Grandpa's green thumb?
That's the Horticulturalist with my Mama, how cute are they?!

or maybe just luck?  Maybe it wants to be pink, and I have 'pink' days and can understand.
And on the other hand, I long for blue hydrangea's.....

After reading up on color changing, I think I have decided to wait.  Often times Hydrangea's can change themselves.  So we'll see what next summer brings.  Plus I want it to get used to it's new home.  So I will learn to love my bright pink hydrangea.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Where earth meets the sky

Our little get away was just what the Dr. ordered.  Can't beat scenery like this...
And simple living like this...

And scenery like this...

and rip roaring fires like this...

oh and the invention of campfire nachos?! Um hello awesome!

and scenery like this...

You get the point.  Locust Lake State Park is lovely.  We had a wonderful time.  They have a 1 mile loop around the lake, that we did several times especially after the ice cream from the little camp store.  Good place to hike too!  While I was not as adventurous to take the camera somethings are just better enjoying them that one time.  My skills don't always capture what I want so I will rely on my memory.  We did meet a friend on our 4 mile hike however, jumpy the turtle,why "jumpy"? cause he scared the living S#*! out of me!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


*squint your eyes so the pictures aren't so camera and I were not cooperating, I told it there is no "I" in team but it didn't listen...

Um excuse me but you were supposed to be blue...

not florescent pink, I am very disappointed in you.  I suppose I will grow to love you.

Thank you pepper and tomater for cooperating.

I am excited to try the fruits of your labor.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Cilantro smells like stink bugs

I love to recipe hunt and I love pictures of food...and if a recipe doesn't have a picture with it I will most-def pass it up.  That's why I love food blogs.  I LOVE this blog...SkinnyTaste.  The Mr. grilled up some yummy chicken legs before  he went to work, so I made some Cilantro Lime Rice to accompany it.  Is it me or does cilantro kinda smell like stink bugs?  I never realized it till today.  I hate stink bugs, gross.  That may have set to mood for the dish.  Not a huge fan, but not bad either. And to go with that I thought a margarita was necessary.  I chose this one since it was a whopping 100 calories. Skinnygirl margarita

2 oz of Tequila
tiny splash of orange liqueur
juice of 4 fresh lime wedges
Pour that on top of ice and voila viva Mexico!  With my addiction to the Housewives of New York, I've been dying to try Bethanny's Margarita. Yum! I'll be having another one of those soon!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Simple Life

We are a few hours away from some well deserved R&R.  Between volleyball, work and house projects we are sooo ready.  Nothing like nature to get your spirit refreshed.

We are off to Locust Lake, a PA state park just about an hour from our home.  I have had many family camping trips with friends, immediate family and extended family.  Lots and lots of fun memories and stories have come out of all those camping trips.  Now I share that with the hubby. 

Our first couple camping trips he was not sold on the idea.  I think it might be hard for some to relax.  There is really nothing to do besides set up camp, figure out what you are eating for dinner and go for a hike.  No checking email or facebook, no video games or tv, just pure out door fun and enjoying each others company.  Our lives today are so complicated, doing a million things at one time.  It's good to stop and smell the roses, or campfires.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

"And The Rhythm of Life

is a powerful beat, puts a tingle in your fingers and a tingle in your feet" Oh those chorus days have a way of sneaking in. This energetic song was in my head all weekend.

So many blessings and love this week have shown me all the good that surrounds us.  My friend Kylie had her first baby on Memorial Day.  She actually had him on her due date! 
I love baby feetsies
I was able to visit the new familly that next day. 

She is my first friend to have a baby.  It has sparked so many questions and thoughts in my head.

 I guess I'm just getting a new perspective on things.  It's just amazing how fast your world can change.  Life is AMAZING!

We ended our week by celebrating my cousin Mary's wedding.  Her now husbands name is Joseph. Get it, Mary and Joseph, get it? get it? How cool is that?

Lovely couple, and it's always a fun time to get the whole family together. 

It was our first wedding as a married couple, and it made me oh so thankful that I didn't need to make a list/flowers/programs/favors/centerpeices you get the idea....

Dear Diary, This weekend was a pretty good weekend.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sweet smell of men's body wash

Thank you Walgreen's for this weeks DOTW*.

It was a close one, I have never encountered a fellow couponer at walgreens when standing in front of a sale.  Good thing there was enough body wash for the both of us.  It was quit commical to find that she had about the same sale/coupon items in her buggy as I did.  I knew she was probably the only on in the store that truely understood why I would buy 8 body washes at a time.
So here's the good stuff.
$4.49/1= $35.92
-4-BOGO coupons= $17.96
$10 Walgreens Reward Coupon= $7.96 or .99 cents/each!

I also got some pampers 72 ct baby wipes for a new bundle of joy!
$2.50- $2 coupon = .50!

sweet baby Logan

And some Kashi Cereal that was on sale 2 for $5
- 2 $1 off coupons= $3
$2.00 Walgreens Reward Coupong= $1 for 2 boxes of friggen cereal!!

Pretty good day at Walgreens if I do say so myself!

*Deal of The Week

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Stuck in a moment

After posting the other night I felt a sense of relief.  I needed to get it out 'on paper'.  It's still upsetting, but I have chosen to put my focus on the positives of this weekend.  The friends that they have made.  The friends, that my Dad and I have made.  And the lessons we all have learned.

Overall the season was a success, and I'm not going to let a few rude bugs keep me down.  All of the girls have improved, and that to my Dad and I equals success.  And while I dwelled on the negative last post, we received some very nice emails from thankful parents.  Which show me that we did good.

Part of what I like about coaching is seeing them grow into young adults.  My favorite is watching them play highschool ball.  I remember when I played that makeing the highschool team was a 'big deal' and each year the excitement comes back in me for the girls.  I can't wait for August to see them out there representing their team, and will be proud to know that I helped them get there.

There will always be the 'negative nancys' and 'debbie downers' they are unhappy and will not bring me down.  We are all responsible for our own actions, good or bad.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Thank You

I'm finding it hard today to put the positive spin on the things that unfolded yesterday.  I'm left bug eyed and on the verge of tears, and just when I think I'm ok, I'm not. 
Feeling like I put my heart and soul into something and feeling so proud, and those feelings being shattered in  an instant.

Yesterday ended our volleyball season, our 2-3 night/week 2 hour practices, our 10 tournaments, our 6 months of blood, sweat and tears.  And while our girls played at their very best this weekend,I can't help but wonder what I did wrong.

What would make 4 out of my 10 girls leave without 'good bye'.  What would make a mother tear her daughter away for the 6 girls that were waiting to take a team picture and just keep walking.   What would make someone think a 'thank you' is too much to say to someone who has spent 6 months with your child.
I can't get these questions out of my head.  Am I being irrational? Too emotional? Did the 90+ temps in the gym get to me?

It is not just volleyball that we coach them, it's respect, loyalty,independence, teamwork just to name a few.  And to have taught them respect, I am left disappointed.

In our final huddle before The End as I push back the tears but they come anyway I say to them " We are so proud and so honored to be your coaches and we will miss you all " One by one they start to tear.

Never underestimate the power of, 'Thank You'.