Thursday, November 4, 2010

Year old cake

Well I think you are about due for a UF update.  Things are going well.  I've  tried my hardest to stay within my daily caloric bank.  I have just recently increased my exercise to include going back to the gym and soon enough it will include 2-3 night/week volleyball practices.  I weigh in every Thursday, this week I am happy to report was a good day!  Down 2.5lbs from last week for a grand total of 13.5lbs lost to date.  Woo hoo!
Since my last UF update there was a little anniversary thrown in there.  We got what I hope to be a yearly photo by our trellis.
We then made the trek out to the American Club where we were married a year prior.  And what do you know? It was a lovely sunny day.  Not a rain cloud in sight.  I know I know 'it's good luck if it rains on your wedding day'. This phrase seems so easily said by those that had a lovely sun shining day.  ANNNYWAY we took a few pics there in the gazebo, walked around the property and reminisced about the day.  Our wedding day was truly was our most favorite day ever.

Leading up to our anniversary the big question was, where are we going to eat.  It was easily decided that we would just play it by ear with all the health issues my Grammy had been going through.  So after visiting our venue we had an early dinner/late lunch at Bravo, which in the midst I received a phone call that my Grammy wasn't doing well.  I was determined to enjoy our meal and then afterwards go to the hospital.  After ordering a glass of wine I think we both were feeling a little better.  Our meal was nice, unplanned and quiet.  oh and yummy.  After our meal we went straight home and from there I went straight to the hospital.
Things had settled and my Grammy was transported over to inpatient hospice.
I came home to flowers from my Huuuusssband, a bottle of champagne and year old cake.

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