Sunday, February 20, 2011

Natural Air Conditioning

Some progress has been made on out family room!  We now have 2 wooden doors up, fully insulated and drywall being put up as we speak.  My brother is doing a steller job.

Remember when I said we had an air leak around our sliding door?  Well it was a little worse than we imagined.  As my brother pulled off all the paneling, we found this.
That is the top of the door and and good quarter of an inch of nothing! I don't know who installed this door but they must have stock in our electric company.  Unreal.  Good news is we put a stop to the constant air flow with some Great Stuff.  Hopefully this $4.95 item will save us a huge chunk on our electric bill.  Instantly we could feel a difference.
I'll keep you posted on the updates! More to come soon!  Oh and I'm also working on my St. Patricks Day Wreath, I know you are excited!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Love Day!

Happy Love Day everyone! I hope it's a special day that you can celebrate the love you have for all your favorite peeps.
My hubby and I just celebrated being 'officially official' for 11 years!  I cannot believe it's been that long, time flys when your having fun! 
Our story began as a romantic comedy I'm sure, Girl goes out with boy, boy goes crazy(literally), girl dumps crazy boy friend, girl falls in love with crazy boys best friend, girl bugs the heck out of her ex's best friend til he finally caves after 6 months to go out with her.  Talk about going after what you want ;-)  I just knew it was real.
For our 5 year anniversary I made him a scrapbook.  You know I actually printed out IM (oh yes these were the days of instant messanger, no facebook people!) conversations that we had.  I selected a few and put them in our scrapbook.  Along with the very first Valentine, the day right after becoming 'officially official'.
Happy 'Officially Official Day and Valentines day to my love !

Friday, February 11, 2011

High Home Hopes

We have some High Home Hopes for the upcoming year.  Looking back at the last year and a half we have done some major renovating, making our home ours.  Of course we could not have done it without the help from our family. So far we have repainted and carpeted 4 bedrooms/office.  Repainted the hallways and living room.  Dismantled the dark wood paneling and painted the foyer.  Replaced 2 outside lights and 3 inside lights.  Had the downstairs bathroom completely gutted and rebuilt and finally tiled and painted the laundry room.  Did you miss those posts? Click on the 'home' tag on the left.  So what could we possibly have left?  Well the downstairs family room, the dining room, full bathroom and of course the ever so expensive kitchen.
This year we hope to accomplish the full bathroom, downstairs family room and reorganization of the garage.  We have started, well I should say my brother has started the downstairs family room.  Due to our un-handyness and his need for a few extra bucks it's a win-win.
Another dose of paneling downstairs. Luckily this is thin, and luckily we are taking it down since there is no drywall or or insulation behind it. Surprise!!!! (I use sarcasm to hid my tears...)

you are so jealous of that light in the corner aren't you? it's yours for 1 million blog bucks.

Here we are in the midst of demo work and you see the sliding glass door on the right? yes that is why my electric bill is $500 and I am sitting here wearing layers. When I look at the edge of the door I can see right to the outside. Perhaps the people who put it in thought it would be good for ventilation?

So we start the year with more projects.
We'll see how much time and money we have left to see if we can touch the kitchen.  Believe it or not these fake red bricks still are not growing on me.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Valentine's Day Crafts

Sometimes I wonder why I get all moody and tired and stressed.  Um hello maybe because you don't stop.  I can't help it but when I'm super busy I just find stuff to myself to continue on the super busy path till I just burst.
I really need to learn to slooooow down. But till then you get to see the craftyness I've been up to.
I found this lovely fabric flower wreath here.  This project took me way WAY longer than anticipated, but it definately is worth the hard work, don't you think? 

I think for St. Patricks Day I'll do  something like this.

found on feltsocute
But of course in different shades of green.
My biznit and I had a long overdue date this past weekend.  She found this and we HAD to make it.
It's a multi holiday decoration! One side is for Valentine's Day!

And the other side is for St. Patrick's Day!
From now on we will have craft days every other month.  It was a blast!
And this super easy craft literally took 2 minutes.  Draw a heart, fill with glue, put random sized red buttons in the heart. let dry and erase pencil drawn heart!  I'm guessing this would work wonderfully with a shamrock too and green buttons.
Have you taken on making your own decorations rather than purchasing them?