Sunday, November 6, 2011

Snowtober 2011

Oh did we have quite the adventure last weekend. It began like any Saturday, I darted off to the thrift shop for it's 9am opening and 75% off deals.  It had started snowing but wasn't sticking to the roads and really I didn't think it would ever start.  When I left the snow started sticking and I thought it would be best to get some gas and head home.
The snow was piling up sooner than expected.  Our poor tree out back, which I have mixed feelings for, was breaking down, one branch at a time.

We lost our power at the middle of a movie. How dare it!  Until Josh went to work we watched the tree just fall apart, one branch crash after another. Hoping one of those branches didn't hit the house or someone elses.  Josh left for work and I took up the task of going through all the magazines laying around, shovelling and drinking a bottle and half of wine.  Note to self: look in the mirror before going out the following day after drinking red will have red stained lips from the wine.  Needless to say the wine kept me warm and helped me sleep ;-)
The next day..still without power...I got up with Josh, he went off to work and I went out to search for coffee.  Everything was closed in our little down due to power outages.  I finally came across a panera and luckily found a spot to sit and charge my phone, it was a nut house.  The rest of my day consisted of finding food (no one had power), shopping (what else was I supposed to do?), and tried to keep myself busy til the hubby got home.
And the next day still no power but off to work I went.  Ahhh warmth, ahhh power!  The day soon ended and back to our house I went.  I pulled out chicken from the freezer since I figured it probably only had one more day till it went bad.  Put it on the barbie with other random foods that were going to spoil.  Cooked it up and drank some beer.  Just to be curious I brought our outdoor thermometer indoors and look what i found.
Ah yes that reads 40 degrees in our house. It was cold, as in I wore a hat, 3 pairs of socks, fleece pj bottoms, a tshirt, long sleeve tshirt and fleece to bed the night before.  Josh had just boiled some water on the grill for hot chocolate and tea and boom! We had power!  I jumped, I danced! I scream! And then I cranked up the heat.  After 50+ hours of no electric we got it back.  And we were the lucky ones! People at work still didn't have it for another 2 days.
What a crazy weekend and just another adventure in my little world.  Now off to be a lumberjack...