Thursday, January 28, 2010

Teal and Black Wedding : Just Dance

Need a recipe for an awesome party?
Fun Friends and Family
and apparently a photobooth
Our number 1 priority for the reception was for everyone to have fun. We wanted everyone up on the dance floor dancing like fools. We were happy to see that most of the night the floor was packed.
Josh and I made sureto make our rounds early so that we could also get in on the action.
Our DJ was City Line Sounds, Don did an awesome job getting the party started! The wedding party entrance song was Black Eyed Peas-Gotta Feeling. Still to this day when it comes on the radio it pumps me up and I just think back to Oct. 16th when we were in the back of the reception hall waiting to be announced.
Our first dance was Jason Mraz and Colbie Calliet Lucky.

Father/Daughter Dance-Heartland - I Loved Her First-I gave the job of picking out a song to my Dad. During our dance he told me why he picked the song. He told me of when I was first born, holding me and looking into my eyes and one of his fond memories of when we connected. This story of course resulted in the second photo of us dancing, me crying like a baby.
Mother/Son Dance-Josh Groban- You Raise Me Up- Josh chose the song for him and his Mom. Half way through his Dad and Sister joined, it was an emotional time for all.

Anniversary Dance
How in love do my Grandparents look right here? What an amazing marraige to strive for. They are so precious.
It's a love story, baby just say yes....
Last song-The Mighty Mighty Bosstones (Josh's absolutely positively most favorite band)-Gotta Go.

**All photos were taken by Jenae Holtzhafer

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Teal and Black Wedding : Lucky

I'm lucky I'm in love with my best friend.
Our song-Lucky by Jason Mraz
love love love the song and I knew immediately after listening to it that it was MADE for us!
Every little detail of our wedding was thought of, from the first dance
to the centerpeices
to the favors
to the desserts
to the flowers
All were done with thought, love, sweat and sometimes tears.

Our wedding was Ours, no body elses and it showed. From setting up to tearing down we did it all, with the help of our loved ones of course. And although at times I wanted to throw a Bridezilla fit, it was a journey that I loved every bit taking.

We are lucky to have such great supportive family and friends. And super lucky to have such a gifted photographer as a friend. Jenae Holtzhafer did all our photography, we couldn't have been happier! All above photos are hers.

I am lucky I'm in love with my best friend.

Adventure 2 for another day...

So adventure 2 of the weekend did not happen, so sorry. I was busy spending time with

IT was a rough. I had plans time for puking and feeling like death. Not sure when I'll be getting to that laundry soap, sorry my friends!

I did find out that my hubby is a fantastic guy to have around when you are sick. Woo hoo! I picked a good one. First thing Sunday morning he was up and out the door to get some saltines, ginger ale , and gatorade.

I am so lucky.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Oil and Water

Adventure 1 of this weekend is making lotion. A few weeks back at our family Christmas party my Aunt Kathy introduced me to some of her homemade hand lotion. So of course I needed the recipe!
Here it is:

2/3 C Distilled Water or Rose Water ( I used Distilled)
1/3 C Aloe Vera Gel
1-2 Drops of Essential Oil. ( I used Lavender)
Vitamins A or E ( I used E)

2/3 C Sweet Almond Oil
1/3 C Coconut Oil
1/2 to 1 oz Beeswax
Put 'waters' in the blender on high.

In small saucepan, melt 'oils' together to soften and melt beeswax.

Add 'oils' to 'waters' and blend blend blend and the mixture will thicken.

Presto you have lotion.

End result...interesting. I'm not sure if I like it. It doesn't smell like lavender it smells like coconut and beeswax, which I'm okay with, maybe next time I'll put more of the lavender in. It does however have super mosturizing properties.

Adventure 2 laundry soap...yes these are my kind of adventures...I'll take this over skydiving any day.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Spinning off of Mrs. Chicken Leg's blog entry about friends, which she so nicely illustrated,I would like to introduce you to my new 'friend'. Her name is also Jenny, she's pretty famous, and she makes my muscles ache.
Photo from GameStop

After getting married in October, we went on our honeymoon to Cancun. As we got a recommendation from a trusty friend

photo by PaPartyPix

we booked the Sun Palace all inclusive resort. Lovely resort and would recommend it to anyone in a heartbeat.

my photo -view from our balcony at Sun
Josh and I looooove food. Josh went to school for culinary arts and hotel and restaurant management, and while he doesn't have a job in that field, he makes up for it when he cooks. At the Sun you could eat/drink anytime and as much as you want. And so I gained 10lbs, ugh. And then Thanksgiving came and Christmas and it has just all been down hill from there.

my photo- our daily breakfast at Sun

I am reminded time and time again that my first word was ‘fries’ . To this day I LOVE fries, the super crispy kind. Mmmm fries…..

photo found on this site

So Jenny was sitting under our Christmas tree Christmas morning, for me. So the deal is, she’s my trainer, she tells me what to do and I do it to the best of my ability. A web cam comes with it so you hook it up to the wii and boom you are famous and on TV. So you have yourself on the right of the TV screen and Jenny on your left.

Photo found at GameStop

I think Jenny tried to kill me the other night…she kept doing leg lifts for 4 counts. So laying on your back, feet in the air slowly lowering your legs to the floor as you count to 4 and then back up for 4. I swear she had me do it like 50 times. So I think there might be a flaw in the program.
Last night she only made me do it once, I’m okay with that. I like it because you can choose to do a 15 min. work out and that’s easy to squeeze in to my busy nights.What is your secret fitness tool?

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


(Said really fast like a 13 year old boy crazy girl) So there’s this boy and his name is Josh and he is soooo cute. OMG. Just one thing… he is best friends with my ex. Hmmmm what to do what to do. I know I’ll just harass him till he gives in.
Well it was kinda like that, didn’t go as easy as that but for the most part I learned if you harass someone long enough they will give in J I just had this feeling that he was the man I was supposed to marry.
Feb 2001 we started dating, me in Lock Haven and Josh at home. It was tough but we made it work, and August 16th 2008 he asked me to be his wife.
It was a beautiful day! We got some hoagies and head out for French Creek State Park. We went on a nice long hike , when we got back to where we started Josh wanted to go again. I said are you serious? No lets get ice cream. Later I find out he wanted to propose on the hike, and every time he went to do it some kids would run by.
So we left and went to a cute dairy bar Longacre’s on the way home.
And after that Josh still didn’t have enough walking in for the day and wanted to go to Lockridge park.
He was pretty sly peaking through the old buildings window….putting a ring in his sneaker

And then walking to the far end of the yard…I guess thinking of what he’s going to say

I really didn’t know it was coming, I was just sitting in the window swinging my feet enjoying the view.

I think my reaction when he asked was…are you serious? Yes!

In the fall we had some engagement shots done. My good friend Jenae did an awesome job! She does her photography on the side, occasionally helping her friend who does it full time and then some family shots here and there and she soon found out I would want her to do our wedding.We went back to Lockridge because of the awesome structures left behind by the iron ore furnaces. More details on that here Lockridge. A few of our favorite are below.