Thursday, October 27, 2011

Stickshifts and Safety Belts Bucket Seats Have All Got to Go

It’s a good night for blogging, don’t ya think? This past weekend I escaped the valley and headed to the mountains with my good friend Beth.  We won’t mention how long it has been since we had our first meeting.  Our friendship is one that just happened, we were at the right place at the right time and we just clicked.  I remember our first meeting, which is surprising since over the course of our weekend together I found to be the one with the really poor memory.  We met in college, me 2 ½ hours from home and she 3 ½ hours from home.  She was a few doors down the hall, her roommate was never there and I think the day we met she was rearranging her room.  I stopped by and helped to put the bed together. The rest…is history.

around 2001?

We packed our bags and set our sights on reliving our college days for a 24 hour period. Cramming in 4 ½ years into 24 hours.
We listened to all of our music from our years living together.  Who knew I was the dj in the bunch?  Many cd’s were made by JBU recordings.  And who would have known we were so BAD. I mean these songs are embarrassing. I don’t think I can even mention them on the interweb.  One I can mention was a 2nd front (our hallway name in the dorm) favorite, CAKE- Stickshifts and Safety Belts.  We have a dance, which we did atleast twice in the car.  And now the song is in my head.
When we got into good ole’ Lock Haven we took a tour of the new Alumni Building, which I have proudly donated about $20 towards.  We gave many fake speeches while we were there. 

We snuck into our dorm and got our picture taken in the infamous hallway where we spent so many days/nights our college years doing anything from Swiffer hockey to long talks about absolutely nothing.

Somethings had changed, some had not.  One thing is for sure, we know how to have a good time. 
After our long day of sight seeing and reminiscing we brought a bottle of wine back to the room and watched tv.  When the lights turned out we talked for another 2 hours. Boy did I need that, good old fashion girl talk.
Early to rise the next morning to get to the alumni building to cash in on our alumni book ends.  Which turns out we got a whole bag of alumni bling.  And I’m sure the people watching us take pictures of all our bling were equally excited. 

The final stop on our lock haven tour was the trip to Hyner look out.  On our way up the steep mountain we came across a friend.  Well I thought it was a friend, Beth on the other hand was ready to turn around. 

A baby bear, how cute!  We were safe in Beth’s big SUV and a decent distance away.  AS I got a picture I talked Beth down from the ledge of turning around.  We continued up the mountain and got some great pics from the top. 

On our way down we saw our friend again, up in a tree. Silly bear bear J
This by far was one of my favorite weekends.  We have vowed to do it every year.  It’s just so good to get away, you know?

It’s funny how so many friends come and go but the ones who stay for the long haul are what make your life complete.  They bring out the best, the silly, the serious, the mischevious in us.  I have quite a few gems in my life and I feel so blessed when I get to spend time with them.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Grey and Yellow Fall Wreath

Here is just a little something I whipped up the other day.

(wow I need to clean my door, yikes!)
I’m not sure what makes me so attracted to making wreaths.  Maybe it’s the thrifty side of me, not wanting to spend $30 on something that will hang on my front door for a few weeks, or if it’s the crafty side of me that likes the feeling of making something myself.  This wreath is easy, seriously.  My supplies cost about $7.00.  Which included a wreath, yarn and faux flowers.  I took a straw wreath, keep the shrink wrap on.  Wrapped yarn around the entire wreath (took approx. 2 hours of watching housewives to complete the wreath)  After it was completely wrapped I added some yellow flowers and faux leaves.  EASY!
I chose white and grey yarn and yellow flowers since I am in love with this color combination.  Have you completed any fall crafty projects?

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Too cheap for cheap?

I know, I know I haven't posted in awhile.  I think that's just how it's going to be so deal with it okay?!  It is what it is.  So anyway..I'm back...for now...
While I could post about the amazing summer with trips to Jersey and Jamaica, or the new business adventure.  I think I'll just post about my day today. It is the little thing after all that make me happy.
I met up with a dear friend and my Godchild for thrifting and breakfast to start this weekend off right.  Successful thrifting trip of $2.81 for a nice pair of dockers khakis for the hubs along with an american eagle sweater for him, and a bass sweater for me.  I don't lie $2.81.  I had no cash and unfortunately the debit minimum had to be $5, so I had to get back in line after using their debit machine.
Off to Mickey D's to get some bfast, I succesfully dumped an entire medium coffee on the floor infront of the registers, as Vickie successfully carried her baby, my food, her food and our thrifting loot?  I don't think I can be trusted with anything today.  After a delightful breakfast I headed home only to stop at the store for some more deals. We got a $10 off $20 to a new grocery store in the area so I headed in to get some grub. How cheap am I?  The store doesn't hand out bags so you either bring your own or buy a plastic bag for 6 cents.  I am this cheap. $15.80 for this, not $15.86.
Is it weird I almost felt like I was stealing, walking out of the store with no bags? I held my receipt, just in case someone questioned it.
Oh laundry soap update! I made some this am, with this recipe.  I altered it just a bit with some advice from the blogger.  Instead of using 6 bars of fels naptha, use 5 bars of mild bar soap and 2 fels naptha bars.  You will save a few $$.  I did this little trick with some Ivory soap and so far so good.
Apparently I will do anything to save a buck or 6 cents.  Off now to spend the night with the hubs and some Phils!