Sunday, November 6, 2011

Snowtober 2011

Oh did we have quite the adventure last weekend. It began like any Saturday, I darted off to the thrift shop for it's 9am opening and 75% off deals.  It had started snowing but wasn't sticking to the roads and really I didn't think it would ever start.  When I left the snow started sticking and I thought it would be best to get some gas and head home.
The snow was piling up sooner than expected.  Our poor tree out back, which I have mixed feelings for, was breaking down, one branch at a time.

We lost our power at the middle of a movie. How dare it!  Until Josh went to work we watched the tree just fall apart, one branch crash after another. Hoping one of those branches didn't hit the house or someone elses.  Josh left for work and I took up the task of going through all the magazines laying around, shovelling and drinking a bottle and half of wine.  Note to self: look in the mirror before going out the following day after drinking red will have red stained lips from the wine.  Needless to say the wine kept me warm and helped me sleep ;-)
The next day..still without power...I got up with Josh, he went off to work and I went out to search for coffee.  Everything was closed in our little down due to power outages.  I finally came across a panera and luckily found a spot to sit and charge my phone, it was a nut house.  The rest of my day consisted of finding food (no one had power), shopping (what else was I supposed to do?), and tried to keep myself busy til the hubby got home.
And the next day still no power but off to work I went.  Ahhh warmth, ahhh power!  The day soon ended and back to our house I went.  I pulled out chicken from the freezer since I figured it probably only had one more day till it went bad.  Put it on the barbie with other random foods that were going to spoil.  Cooked it up and drank some beer.  Just to be curious I brought our outdoor thermometer indoors and look what i found.
Ah yes that reads 40 degrees in our house. It was cold, as in I wore a hat, 3 pairs of socks, fleece pj bottoms, a tshirt, long sleeve tshirt and fleece to bed the night before.  Josh had just boiled some water on the grill for hot chocolate and tea and boom! We had power!  I jumped, I danced! I scream! And then I cranked up the heat.  After 50+ hours of no electric we got it back.  And we were the lucky ones! People at work still didn't have it for another 2 days.
What a crazy weekend and just another adventure in my little world.  Now off to be a lumberjack...

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Stickshifts and Safety Belts Bucket Seats Have All Got to Go

It’s a good night for blogging, don’t ya think? This past weekend I escaped the valley and headed to the mountains with my good friend Beth.  We won’t mention how long it has been since we had our first meeting.  Our friendship is one that just happened, we were at the right place at the right time and we just clicked.  I remember our first meeting, which is surprising since over the course of our weekend together I found to be the one with the really poor memory.  We met in college, me 2 ½ hours from home and she 3 ½ hours from home.  She was a few doors down the hall, her roommate was never there and I think the day we met she was rearranging her room.  I stopped by and helped to put the bed together. The rest…is history.

around 2001?

We packed our bags and set our sights on reliving our college days for a 24 hour period. Cramming in 4 ½ years into 24 hours.
We listened to all of our music from our years living together.  Who knew I was the dj in the bunch?  Many cd’s were made by JBU recordings.  And who would have known we were so BAD. I mean these songs are embarrassing. I don’t think I can even mention them on the interweb.  One I can mention was a 2nd front (our hallway name in the dorm) favorite, CAKE- Stickshifts and Safety Belts.  We have a dance, which we did atleast twice in the car.  And now the song is in my head.
When we got into good ole’ Lock Haven we took a tour of the new Alumni Building, which I have proudly donated about $20 towards.  We gave many fake speeches while we were there. 

We snuck into our dorm and got our picture taken in the infamous hallway where we spent so many days/nights our college years doing anything from Swiffer hockey to long talks about absolutely nothing.

Somethings had changed, some had not.  One thing is for sure, we know how to have a good time. 
After our long day of sight seeing and reminiscing we brought a bottle of wine back to the room and watched tv.  When the lights turned out we talked for another 2 hours. Boy did I need that, good old fashion girl talk.
Early to rise the next morning to get to the alumni building to cash in on our alumni book ends.  Which turns out we got a whole bag of alumni bling.  And I’m sure the people watching us take pictures of all our bling were equally excited. 

The final stop on our lock haven tour was the trip to Hyner look out.  On our way up the steep mountain we came across a friend.  Well I thought it was a friend, Beth on the other hand was ready to turn around. 

A baby bear, how cute!  We were safe in Beth’s big SUV and a decent distance away.  AS I got a picture I talked Beth down from the ledge of turning around.  We continued up the mountain and got some great pics from the top. 

On our way down we saw our friend again, up in a tree. Silly bear bear J
This by far was one of my favorite weekends.  We have vowed to do it every year.  It’s just so good to get away, you know?

It’s funny how so many friends come and go but the ones who stay for the long haul are what make your life complete.  They bring out the best, the silly, the serious, the mischevious in us.  I have quite a few gems in my life and I feel so blessed when I get to spend time with them.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Grey and Yellow Fall Wreath

Here is just a little something I whipped up the other day.

(wow I need to clean my door, yikes!)
I’m not sure what makes me so attracted to making wreaths.  Maybe it’s the thrifty side of me, not wanting to spend $30 on something that will hang on my front door for a few weeks, or if it’s the crafty side of me that likes the feeling of making something myself.  This wreath is easy, seriously.  My supplies cost about $7.00.  Which included a wreath, yarn and faux flowers.  I took a straw wreath, keep the shrink wrap on.  Wrapped yarn around the entire wreath (took approx. 2 hours of watching housewives to complete the wreath)  After it was completely wrapped I added some yellow flowers and faux leaves.  EASY!
I chose white and grey yarn and yellow flowers since I am in love with this color combination.  Have you completed any fall crafty projects?

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Too cheap for cheap?

I know, I know I haven't posted in awhile.  I think that's just how it's going to be so deal with it okay?!  It is what it is.  So anyway..I'm back...for now...
While I could post about the amazing summer with trips to Jersey and Jamaica, or the new business adventure.  I think I'll just post about my day today. It is the little thing after all that make me happy.
I met up with a dear friend and my Godchild for thrifting and breakfast to start this weekend off right.  Successful thrifting trip of $2.81 for a nice pair of dockers khakis for the hubs along with an american eagle sweater for him, and a bass sweater for me.  I don't lie $2.81.  I had no cash and unfortunately the debit minimum had to be $5, so I had to get back in line after using their debit machine.
Off to Mickey D's to get some bfast, I succesfully dumped an entire medium coffee on the floor infront of the registers, as Vickie successfully carried her baby, my food, her food and our thrifting loot?  I don't think I can be trusted with anything today.  After a delightful breakfast I headed home only to stop at the store for some more deals. We got a $10 off $20 to a new grocery store in the area so I headed in to get some grub. How cheap am I?  The store doesn't hand out bags so you either bring your own or buy a plastic bag for 6 cents.  I am this cheap. $15.80 for this, not $15.86.
Is it weird I almost felt like I was stealing, walking out of the store with no bags? I held my receipt, just in case someone questioned it.
Oh laundry soap update! I made some this am, with this recipe.  I altered it just a bit with some advice from the blogger.  Instead of using 6 bars of fels naptha, use 5 bars of mild bar soap and 2 fels naptha bars.  You will save a few $$.  I did this little trick with some Ivory soap and so far so good.
Apparently I will do anything to save a buck or 6 cents.  Off now to spend the night with the hubs and some Phils!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

I did it!

I did it! I live to tell the story!
I finished less than an hour ago and I am feeling great!  I got to the race early this morning fairly calm surprisingly. I did not set any expectations on myself other than keeping my pace and running the whole thing.  Since I went to this race alone, I found it a perfect time to people watch.  Some people warmed up with a jog and stretches.  I think one couple even ran the race?! Weirdos.  I'm pretty sure those are the ones who came in first.  Personally when I run I walk out the door and go so the walk from the car was good enough for me. I save my stretching for after.  So I just stood there and waited...and waited...My friend Tim was right, the wait before the race is the worst.  You just want to get it started. 

Pre-race looking like a giant in my living room
 So finally "On your mark, get set, go!" was announced and we were off.  I started slow, my heart pounding out of my chest.  I talked my self down from the ledge and focused on my breathing.  A half a mile in I was good.  I hit a mile at 10:15 which is a good pace for me.  And let me tell you, if you ever volunteer to work at a race the cheering does help!  You cheer those runners on like it's your job.  Seriously, mad props to the kids handing out water along the way.  Although I did not drink they made me laugh. "If you drink this water you will win the race!" it was cute and a nice relief at the 1 mile mark. 
On the website it says flat course. Um I'm not sure what flat is to them but there was a nice steady climb at 1.5.  Although it was nice to run down it.  That was a little tricky of them.  I will forgive them though.  At 2.5 I was just about spent, but I gave it all I could to not walk.  Finally saw the finish line and plowed through, picked up speed and made it in at 32:00!  I am so proud.

post race- I did it!
I left and thought of going to dunkin for a breakfast sandwich and iced coffee but thought it didn't make much sense to eat all those calories I just burned.  So I kept driving and rewarded myself with a nonfat iced coffee from Starbucks. Yum.

I am thinking I will do another race soon, maybe next month.  It feels so good to finish.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Say whaat?!

What am I doing?
What the F am I doing?

In high school I was not what you would say the model 'athlete'. Yes I played volleyball year round and was in pretty good shape, but that was the only sport that I could kinda play. 
Every year around this time I would be attending overnight and day camps for volleyball in order to get ready for the upcoming tryouts.  That along with playing on an outdoor rec team and attending my Dad's volleyball boot camp.  Tryouts always entailed hours of sweaty horror.  High school volleyball tryouts are in the hottest part of the summer mid/late august.  There were a few things you knew you would have to do.  Run at least a mile and run hills.  Throughout my volleyball seasons I had several bouts with asthma, so the embarrassing asthma attacks would always surface at the most appropriate times.  I have a horrible memory of me sprinting hills while everyone else has completed their set amount already.  And I will ALWAYS remember the one girl who did the remaining with me, and my team that cheered me on.
So getting back to that mile and hill runs.  You would think knowing that I would have to do these things I would prepare myself ?  No way, man! I had so much better things to do like...paint my nails, mmm kay?
My Dad would have me run to the mailbox and back, which is probably a 1/2 mile, MAYBE... And I would no lie run down the hill of my parents drive way, walk some, run some, stop at the mailbox, walk to the neighbors driveway and run back.  But of course I told my Dad I ran the whole thing.  Why do we do these silly things? So silly.
Which brings me to my question I keep asking, What the F am I doing?  Tomorrow I'm running my first 5k race.  Okay...maybe it's called a "race" but we all know this one (finger pointed at me if THAT'S not obvious) will be just fighting to make it through.
I started running a few years back because I wanted to finish my walks faster.  What can I say sometimes I can be impatient. ha!  This year I decided to start a schedule in hopes to run a 5k.  Along with some seasoned runners coaching and encouragement from the hubs (who literally told me that if I don't run in 90 heat back when I started, that I should just never run because it's not always going to be perfect running weather. I can't even believe he said that...but he was right and that night I ran and thanked him) I have been running faithfully for a good few months.  I've done 3 miles once and hopefully I'll be able to do it again tomorrow.
I picked up my 'packet' after work.  Which by the way...the 'packet' isn't a packet at all, it's a bag of info freebies and a tshirt.  Why don't they just say 'bag'? So confusing this running world.
I am anxious.  Not sure what to expect except for the fact I will look like I'm dying...the...entire...time.  Wish me luck! I hope I live to tell the story.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Pinwheels of Happiness

Is there anything more happy and cheerful then a pinwheel?  Memories of your childhood when you got a special treat to hold one and make it spin continuously either by running with them or blowing into them.
My Biz came across this craft, for our bimonthly craft session.  What a perfect idea for a summer wreath! That's why I keep her around, she's full of those good ideas...and she brings brownies.  Plus she makes me laugh.

Dude seriously, why haven't we made pinwheels sooner?  They are so whimsical and best of all EASY.

Not only did we have a nice crafty night we got in some good quality girl talk.  Nothing like some good old fashion girl talk.
Here is my wreath so pleasantly and cheerfully hanging on my front door.
It Alllmost offsets the burnt red siding and falling apart bricks. Ahhh I love it.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Wow am I a slacker or what?  I'm not sure if you have missed me or not but I have been missing you.  I often go to sleep thinking..."I miss my blog".  I am notorious for doing a million and one things, however recently I have came to realize and use the word "no".  I needed a break from the blogging world so I could tend to our house and my team.  March through May is super busy in the volleyball world.
Good news about my break is that I am refreshed and ready to get back to blogging!  I have much to fill you in on, I hope you are excited.  brb (or how I like to sound it out to Josh, 'burb')

Monday, March 14, 2011

St. Patty's Day Wreath

I know you must think I forgot to show you my St. Patty's Day Wreath.  Don't worry I didn't!  My time has been sucked up by volleyball lately but this past weekend and the next one I don't have tournaments so it's a mini 'get everything cleaned and back together' vacation.
I was plesently surprised with both wreaths, and actually even more that I am a 'wreath person' I never got into them til recently.  Browsing the endless DIY crafting blogs inspired me.
For my St. Patty's Wreath you will need A LOT of green felt, I used 2 different shades. Cut into circles, I used a glass to measure the circles.  A straw wreath, wrapped in celophane.  Some simple sewing pins, and a decorative ribbon to finish it off.
So simple!  Take a pin and insert it in the middle of the circle, then pin to the wreath, add felt with pins so that they squish the other felt together, making it look like flowers!

Finished product!
Voila! Happy St. Patty's Day to you!  Next up, my spring wreath.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Natural Air Conditioning

Some progress has been made on out family room!  We now have 2 wooden doors up, fully insulated and drywall being put up as we speak.  My brother is doing a steller job.

Remember when I said we had an air leak around our sliding door?  Well it was a little worse than we imagined.  As my brother pulled off all the paneling, we found this.
That is the top of the door and and good quarter of an inch of nothing! I don't know who installed this door but they must have stock in our electric company.  Unreal.  Good news is we put a stop to the constant air flow with some Great Stuff.  Hopefully this $4.95 item will save us a huge chunk on our electric bill.  Instantly we could feel a difference.
I'll keep you posted on the updates! More to come soon!  Oh and I'm also working on my St. Patricks Day Wreath, I know you are excited!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Love Day!

Happy Love Day everyone! I hope it's a special day that you can celebrate the love you have for all your favorite peeps.
My hubby and I just celebrated being 'officially official' for 11 years!  I cannot believe it's been that long, time flys when your having fun! 
Our story began as a romantic comedy I'm sure, Girl goes out with boy, boy goes crazy(literally), girl dumps crazy boy friend, girl falls in love with crazy boys best friend, girl bugs the heck out of her ex's best friend til he finally caves after 6 months to go out with her.  Talk about going after what you want ;-)  I just knew it was real.
For our 5 year anniversary I made him a scrapbook.  You know I actually printed out IM (oh yes these were the days of instant messanger, no facebook people!) conversations that we had.  I selected a few and put them in our scrapbook.  Along with the very first Valentine, the day right after becoming 'officially official'.
Happy 'Officially Official Day and Valentines day to my love !

Friday, February 11, 2011

High Home Hopes

We have some High Home Hopes for the upcoming year.  Looking back at the last year and a half we have done some major renovating, making our home ours.  Of course we could not have done it without the help from our family. So far we have repainted and carpeted 4 bedrooms/office.  Repainted the hallways and living room.  Dismantled the dark wood paneling and painted the foyer.  Replaced 2 outside lights and 3 inside lights.  Had the downstairs bathroom completely gutted and rebuilt and finally tiled and painted the laundry room.  Did you miss those posts? Click on the 'home' tag on the left.  So what could we possibly have left?  Well the downstairs family room, the dining room, full bathroom and of course the ever so expensive kitchen.
This year we hope to accomplish the full bathroom, downstairs family room and reorganization of the garage.  We have started, well I should say my brother has started the downstairs family room.  Due to our un-handyness and his need for a few extra bucks it's a win-win.
Another dose of paneling downstairs. Luckily this is thin, and luckily we are taking it down since there is no drywall or or insulation behind it. Surprise!!!! (I use sarcasm to hid my tears...)

you are so jealous of that light in the corner aren't you? it's yours for 1 million blog bucks.

Here we are in the midst of demo work and you see the sliding glass door on the right? yes that is why my electric bill is $500 and I am sitting here wearing layers. When I look at the edge of the door I can see right to the outside. Perhaps the people who put it in thought it would be good for ventilation?

So we start the year with more projects.
We'll see how much time and money we have left to see if we can touch the kitchen.  Believe it or not these fake red bricks still are not growing on me.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Valentine's Day Crafts

Sometimes I wonder why I get all moody and tired and stressed.  Um hello maybe because you don't stop.  I can't help it but when I'm super busy I just find stuff to myself to continue on the super busy path till I just burst.
I really need to learn to slooooow down. But till then you get to see the craftyness I've been up to.
I found this lovely fabric flower wreath here.  This project took me way WAY longer than anticipated, but it definately is worth the hard work, don't you think? 

I think for St. Patricks Day I'll do  something like this.

found on feltsocute
But of course in different shades of green.
My biznit and I had a long overdue date this past weekend.  She found this and we HAD to make it.
It's a multi holiday decoration! One side is for Valentine's Day!

And the other side is for St. Patrick's Day!
From now on we will have craft days every other month.  It was a blast!
And this super easy craft literally took 2 minutes.  Draw a heart, fill with glue, put random sized red buttons in the heart. let dry and erase pencil drawn heart!  I'm guessing this would work wonderfully with a shamrock too and green buttons.
Have you taken on making your own decorations rather than purchasing them?

Friday, January 28, 2011

Daily Deal Sites

Our dream is for Rue La La to become the place where your ooh la la moments spring forth at every turn, the spot where your desire for the exceptional is fulfilled every time, and the destination that you just can't wait to share.

Overstocked Home improvement goods and Home Furnishings.

nomorerack is the place to find your favorite brands & hot items for up to 90% off. One hand-picked product in each of our eight categories is added everyday. The only place to truly find a real deal.  New deals start at 12pm everyday!

Each day they feature a new deal, be sure to buy it before it's to late!

My husband and I loove groupon! Lots of deals from restaurants to deals on activities in your area or plug in your vacation destination a few months prior and get deals on places to go while you are there!

2 deals a day on baby gear!
1 deal a day on scrapbooking supplies!

My first daily deal site that I have come across.  My favorite, Woot! Off days where they offer a new item at discount until it runs out then they run the next deal.  This site is good for electronics.  They also have sister sites, Shirt Woot, Wine Woot, Kids Woot, and Sellout Woot!  I have purchase many items off of woot! and many gifts off of Shit Woot!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Grammy Story #1

I started this post a few weeks ago.  Since my Grammy has passed, and while we are mourning the loss we find love and laughter in the memories we have of her.  This story is classic and I want to remember it so it's here for all to see, I had planned to post more 'Grammy stories' but I did not have another chance.  My Grammy was a strong woman, knew what she wanted and went after it.  While a death of a love one brings everything into perspective, the one thing I have learned is to keep family close they are your most valuable asset.
Here is my Grammy before 8 children, 32 grandchildren and 6 great grandchildren, what a swell gal.

Since my Grammy has not been in a state to be left alone the family has been taking turns in shifts staying with her.  I've used this opportunity to get to know her better and my family history better.  I feel as though I've opened a whole new chapter in my life that I have not ventured into before.  During the holiday's cookies were a focus on our discussions.  While we were taking a trip down memory lane she gave me some inside stories and I hope to share them here with you.
Grammy story #1.  Grammy's Chocolate Addiction.
Grammy confessed that she once stole money from the church collection.  She was 12 and wanted chocolate. Who is to blame her!  I get some pretty strong chocolate cravings as well.  She assured me that she needed that money much more than the church at the time.  And also assured me that it was well worth it because the chocolate sure was tasty!
My Grammy then told me her and her 3 siblings didn't have much growing up.  Her father passed away from a heart attack when she was 2, so her Mother had to raise all 4 kids on her own.  She got teary eyed when she mentioned she always wondered what it would have been like to have a Dad, if things would have been different.  My Great Grammy did not go out much, my Grammy thinks that she was afraid of what people would think of her going to church without a husband.  So she would send the kids to church (in their silk dresses and bonnets) and to the store to get her things.  Perhaps this freedom got the best of my Grammy.
She said she never got caught, or told anyone.  I must be special.

Love you Grammy, Rest in Peace.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Weight Loss Resolutions

Ahhh yes the time of year when everyone puts down the cookies and grabs the carrots.
Of course I had all intentions of trying to be as good as possible during the holidays but that sugary food is addictive.  The more I ate the more I craved.  And now I feel bloated and gross.
Operation UF is in full force again.  Prior to the holidays I was down 17.5lbs total from July.  I haven't stepped on the scale yet but I'm sure I'm up quite a few.   So lets get back on track together, what do you say?
First step, removing all the leftovers and candy...and that doesn't mean by eating it!  While I hate throwing food out, those leftovers won't be doing anyone a favor by sticking around.  The candy?  I'll bring that into work.  Cookies, I have in the freezer so I can pull those out in emergancy situations.  Don't laugh!  Cookie emergancies are serious.  Think about need something sweet but you got rid of everything so instead of eating one cookie you eat everything in sight to make up for that one cookie.  It is nothing to laugh at.  Okay maybe it does sound silly, but the sheer joy when you realize you have a cookie in the freezer when you thought you were stuck with veggies is pure bliss. 
So it's back on the bandwagon we go to skinnytown.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

After Holiday Sales

While it's easy to run out on the day or two after Christmas to snag some deals, been there done that...I have found the best deals normally start mid to the end of the week.  I also find that during those first couple days after Christmas I buy stuff that I won't use.  With the thoughts of "oh I should pick this up and give it to so and so next year", it usually does not work as well as it does in my head.  Mid week the sales drop from 50% off to 75% off. Instead this is the time to stock up on gift wrapping supplies, and not just for Christmas.  I usually stock up on tissue paper and tape, and sometimes boxes, bags and wrapping paper!  Look for items you can use for birthday presents or other festive events.  Also a great time to stock up on those rubbermaid totes, does it really matter that they are red or green???
Great places to find deals would be all the chain drug stores and super stores.
The other day I was able to snag some a 3 pack of heavy duty scotch tape for .50.  Also a King size set of flannel sheets for $10 at Target!
Happy clearence shopping!!!

Saturday, January 1, 2011


One year ago I started this blog.  92 posts later and here we are, I can't wait to see what the next year of blogging has in store.  I'm sure you are uber excited as well to see what will happen in my life adventures.  I hope you stay around for the ride, it might get bumpy.  But in the end isn't that what makes life interesting?

Cheers to a fantastic 2010 an even fantastic-er 2011!