Sunday, February 2, 2014

15 Months

In hopes to remember all the little things, I will attempt a monthly post of the baby haps' So Here we go! Age: 15 months Clothes: 18-24 month. 18 month clothes have been lasting a lot longer than I thought they were. Hopefully she will fit into some 24 month long sleeves this winter since we have a decent stash handed down and bought over Christmas. Even if she doesn't I’m sure they will fit for fall. Unless she has some crazy growth spurt! Shoes are size 5 for now. She likes to “put them away”. In Mommy’s closet with Mommy’s shoes <3 E has a slight sock obsession. And knows that they belong on her “toochies” (tootsies). She will try to put them on but has not been successful yet. Pro at taking them off though  especially in the car. Loves to wear her winter hats! Favorite Foods: Mac and Cheese, pomagrantes, grapes, little pizzas, peas, cheese, fishies, animal crackers Favorite Words: Mommy, Daddy, kitty, doggy, woof woof, Caliou?, ‘what’s this?’, bobby (happy) Favorite Activities: going down the slide grandma and grandpa got her for Christmas, climbing stairs, climbing sofas, climbing chairs… you get the idea. She also LOVES brushing her teeth. All I have to say is “let’s go brush your teeth” and she will run to the bathroom. Hide and seek with Daddy Favorite Things: her blankees, and a penguin (she likes to push his nose in and have mommy or daddy pop it out) Signature Moves: spinning in a circle, peek a boo (slaps her face with both hands over her eyes and holds them there for an extended period of time before we "find" her ) Proudest Moments: Fell off the chair onto her face, ouch! Till next month !