Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Weight Loss Resolutions

Ahhh yes the time of year when everyone puts down the cookies and grabs the carrots.
Of course I had all intentions of trying to be as good as possible during the holidays but that sugary food is addictive.  The more I ate the more I craved.  And now I feel bloated and gross.
Operation UF is in full force again.  Prior to the holidays I was down 17.5lbs total from July.  I haven't stepped on the scale yet but I'm sure I'm up quite a few.   So lets get back on track together, what do you say?
First step, removing all the leftovers and candy...and that doesn't mean by eating it!  While I hate throwing food out, those leftovers won't be doing anyone a favor by sticking around.  The candy?  I'll bring that into work.  Cookies, I have in the freezer so I can pull those out in emergancy situations.  Don't laugh!  Cookie emergancies are serious.  Think about it...you need something sweet but you got rid of everything so instead of eating one cookie you eat everything in sight to make up for that one cookie.  It is nothing to laugh at.  Okay maybe it does sound silly, but the sheer joy when you realize you have a cookie in the freezer when you thought you were stuck with veggies is pure bliss. 
So it's back on the bandwagon we go to skinnytown.

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