Monday, August 30, 2010


Well...I finally cut my hair, nothing crazy, just to my shoulders.  And for some reason I thought that was where I gained all that weight from.  I was hoping to hop on that scale and to drop a good 20lbs. Darn it.   I mean my hair is had to atleast weighed like 5lbs. 
Why is it so easy to pack it on and it takes fooooorrrr eva to make it go away?  Well I'm on a mission, Operation Surprise Getting Married Makes You Fat Now Get Unfat.  Or UF for short (unfat) or atleast UF un poco (unfat a little).
It's crazy when it just hits ya, like dang what did you do? yikes!  Well it's been a constant battle no doubt.  And if you are blessed with the ability to not eat your entire plate of food or are naturally skinny well just please be thankful and await a post on my thriftiness as this does not concern you.
What's my game plan?  Well, consuming as many whole foods as possible, as the processed kind are not exactly anyones friends (although very tasty at times), and increasing my exercise.  With the weather getting nicer it should be a little more enticing to get some walking and running in.  Wish me luck!
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