Friday, July 15, 2011

Say whaat?!

What am I doing?
What the F am I doing?

In high school I was not what you would say the model 'athlete'. Yes I played volleyball year round and was in pretty good shape, but that was the only sport that I could kinda play. 
Every year around this time I would be attending overnight and day camps for volleyball in order to get ready for the upcoming tryouts.  That along with playing on an outdoor rec team and attending my Dad's volleyball boot camp.  Tryouts always entailed hours of sweaty horror.  High school volleyball tryouts are in the hottest part of the summer mid/late august.  There were a few things you knew you would have to do.  Run at least a mile and run hills.  Throughout my volleyball seasons I had several bouts with asthma, so the embarrassing asthma attacks would always surface at the most appropriate times.  I have a horrible memory of me sprinting hills while everyone else has completed their set amount already.  And I will ALWAYS remember the one girl who did the remaining with me, and my team that cheered me on.
So getting back to that mile and hill runs.  You would think knowing that I would have to do these things I would prepare myself ?  No way, man! I had so much better things to do like...paint my nails, mmm kay?
My Dad would have me run to the mailbox and back, which is probably a 1/2 mile, MAYBE... And I would no lie run down the hill of my parents drive way, walk some, run some, stop at the mailbox, walk to the neighbors driveway and run back.  But of course I told my Dad I ran the whole thing.  Why do we do these silly things? So silly.
Which brings me to my question I keep asking, What the F am I doing?  Tomorrow I'm running my first 5k race.  Okay...maybe it's called a "race" but we all know this one (finger pointed at me if THAT'S not obvious) will be just fighting to make it through.
I started running a few years back because I wanted to finish my walks faster.  What can I say sometimes I can be impatient. ha!  This year I decided to start a schedule in hopes to run a 5k.  Along with some seasoned runners coaching and encouragement from the hubs (who literally told me that if I don't run in 90 heat back when I started, that I should just never run because it's not always going to be perfect running weather. I can't even believe he said that...but he was right and that night I ran and thanked him) I have been running faithfully for a good few months.  I've done 3 miles once and hopefully I'll be able to do it again tomorrow.
I picked up my 'packet' after work.  Which by the way...the 'packet' isn't a packet at all, it's a bag of info freebies and a tshirt.  Why don't they just say 'bag'? So confusing this running world.
I am anxious.  Not sure what to expect except for the fact I will look like I'm dying...the...entire...time.  Wish me luck! I hope I live to tell the story.

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