Tuesday, March 23, 2010


When discussing with my Dad what to do for our kill winner, we thought a t-shirt would be cool.  Now what to put on it?  Stinks t hat Kill is such a negative word.  We came up with a few good ones, Killer (across the back of the shirt), Ball Killer, just to name a few.  More appropriately we decided on Crusher Kill Champ.  So off I go on Sunday to Michaels in hopes to find the perfect shirt and iron-ons.  Found it!  Also found a 'setter' award, since a Kill does not happen without the perfect set.  That award would be a necklace with a volleyball charm on it.
I have to admit I had doubts that the would think this is stupid.  They are mostly 13 and at that age when things that were 'cool' a year ago are so dumb now.  So at our tournament wrap up meeting we did our normal talk about what was good, what we need to work on and finished with the girls going around and saying something good about each player.
Presentation time!  So to hype up the awesomeness of this award we went through all the prospective receipiants.  The girls did a drumroll on the floor and the winner was announced! 

Success! They loved the prizes and even put them on right then and there.  And for the rest of the girls, they can't wait to win their own!

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