Friday, March 5, 2010

Glad I'm not THAT coach

4 years ago I saw one of my long lost coaches that coached me during CYO Volleyball season 5th-8th grade at St. Anns School.  Her and my Dad coached our teams throughout the years, and I saw her occasionally.  So talking to her, she informed me they were looking for coaches at the Club I used to play for, Crosscourt.  Since Highschool, I really haven't played, and I was feeling the urge to pick up the ball.  With a bulging L-5 disc in my back I can't really play for long periods of time so  I thought coaching may be a way to get back into the sport.  Never coaching before I asked my Dad to be my assistant/mentor.  He accepted, I think he missed it too :-)  He coached my sister and I through club ball.
So my journey began as a Volleyball Coach, and now I'm into my 4th year.  My Dad is still my assistant, it's great to work together with him.  It really gives us a chance to do something together, and while playing volleyball offered a lot of life lessons, coaching volleyball also offers lots of life lessons.  I enjoy it, although it's a long 6 month season, and I want to run away sometimes, it's good for me and keeps me out of trouble.
What prompted this post?  The Olympics...The Dutch Speedskater who finished in first place but was later disqualified because his coach told him to switch to the inside lane.  I want to cry just thinking of this, I can't imagine what this coach is feeling right now.  His decision cost this young mans Gold Medal IN THE OLYMPICS!  One mistake that I'm sure with weigh on him for a long long time.  I am glad I'm not THAT coach!
As a coach for a 14 and under team, I often forget that they are 14 and under.  Always pushing them to their limits both physically and mentally to prepare them for the game and the real world.  Sometimes I wonder if I push to far...  This past weekend we had a tournament at Albright College.  They played Awesome.  They won every single game and finished 1st, they were unstoppable! If you knew the kind of season we had last year you would understand my shock and excitement.  We just won't talk about last season...and pretend it never happened.  Their hard work payed off, FINALLY!  And maybe my Dad and I are doing something right...Go Crushers!

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