Thursday, March 29, 2012

"Morning" sickness

Luckily, I have only had a few bouts of "morning" sickness. 14 times in a span of 5 weeks.  I know some people suffered from it everyday, sometimes multiple times per day. I averaged about 2/3 times per week. I have found a few things have helped me and wanted to share in case you find yourself one day praying to the porcelin gods.

Some things I didn't know about "morning" sickness.
1. It does not descriminate and is not only for the morning. Found this out the hard way after eating some delicious Pizza Hut pizza and breadsticks for dinner.
2. It comes without warning. Unlike when you have the stomach bug and have the chills or hot flashes.
3. Once you think you conquered it, it'll come back to get you.
4.  It will change your daily conversations with your sig. other from "Hi honey, how was your day" to " Your puke smelled weird this morning"

Things that helped me:
1. Ginger- in the various forms; ginger tea, crystallized ginger, hard candy ginger.  If you are nauseas just keep it in your system.
2. Keeping something in your stomach. Seriously the worst thing is to get sick and then not to eat. I know sounds like it would be harmful but it I found that staying content lessened the nausea and throwing up.  This meant eating a banana when I got up at  night to use the bathroom. (the hubby thinks its funny, he'll wake up to me snacking and has often said its like we are camping and there is a raccoon outside our tent snacking on our food, thanks hun)
3. Take your time getting up in the morning. I woke up an hour earlier and sllooowwwly got ready for the day.  When your alarm goes off stay laying down, eat a few crackers then sit up, wait a few minutes and then stand. And immediately eat a protein filled breakfast.
4. Protein.  When I ate a lot of carbs during the day I would get sick the next morning. I found eating a high protein breakfast helped.
5. B6 Vit. After I got sick after dinner, I thought I needed to give something else a try.  B6 was listed in the packet of information given by my Dr. as helpful morning sickness remedies. 25mg 2-3x per day.

Things that didn't help me:
1. Saltines-I ate them throughout the night, and right before I woke up in the morning. And what happened? I threw it right up.
2. Not eating and thinking I'll get sick again.  No you need something in your stomach.

Of course, these things all worked and then they didn't work. For example today (2/29/12) got up several times during the night, ate a banana and a granola bar when I got up. Felt fine for breakfast made my eggs and an hour and half later they came up. Who knows.
You need to clear everything with your Dr. before trying these things, they are pretty common in the prego world but you never know.  My Dr. gave me a big packet of tips and tricks for symptoms.  Also, these are things that worked for me. From reading all the message boards, everyone is different, different things work for different people. 
I have been morning sickness free for 10 days, I *think* I'm in the clear.  For me it lasted from week 7 to week 13.  With a week prior of feeling nausous all morning.  Hopefully I am now past this 'phase'.  Although from what I have learned so far, everyday is different and brings a new adventure.  Good luck! And remember it won't last forever! You will survive!!!

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