Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Cilantro smells like stink bugs

I love to recipe hunt and I love pictures of food...and if a recipe doesn't have a picture with it I will most-def pass it up.  That's why I love food blogs.  I LOVE this blog...SkinnyTaste.  The Mr. grilled up some yummy chicken legs before  he went to work, so I made some Cilantro Lime Rice to accompany it.  Is it me or does cilantro kinda smell like stink bugs?  I never realized it till today.  I hate stink bugs, gross.  That may have set to mood for the dish.  Not a huge fan, but not bad either. And to go with that I thought a margarita was necessary.  I chose this one since it was a whopping 100 calories. Skinnygirl margarita

2 oz of Tequila
tiny splash of orange liqueur
juice of 4 fresh lime wedges
Pour that on top of ice and voila viva Mexico!  With my addiction to the Housewives of New York, I've been dying to try Bethanny's Margarita. Yum! I'll be having another one of those soon!


  1. Look at you, crazy cat. Back with a bite.

  2. Haha! I hate cilantro and people have always compared the taste to soap, which I never understood. Couple of weeks ago I was chopping some for my husband and then it hit me, stink bugs! No wonder I hate it.

  3. OMG i love(d) cilantro until the stink bug invasion. I was chopping fresh cilantro from my garden and it just hit me--it smells like stink bugs. What a shame because cilantro was very appetizing to me until now...can't get the image out of my brain.

  4. Glad I'm not the only one out there who smells stink bugs when I'm using cilatro!!