Friday, June 18, 2010

Pink?!? Part 2

P.I. Buss (before I was a G, I was a B, and I inherited my P.I.ness from the B.) at your service...So my dilema with the pink hydrangea when I thought I was getting blue.  Believe it or not you can change the color of your hydrangea by putting aluminum in the soil?!?!?! I'm torn...
Why mess with nature? hello?!?!? it's actually blooming for me, maybe I inherited some of my Grandpa's green thumb?
That's the Horticulturalist with my Mama, how cute are they?!

or maybe just luck?  Maybe it wants to be pink, and I have 'pink' days and can understand.
And on the other hand, I long for blue hydrangea's.....

After reading up on color changing, I think I have decided to wait.  Often times Hydrangea's can change themselves.  So we'll see what next summer brings.  Plus I want it to get used to it's new home.  So I will learn to love my bright pink hydrangea.

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  1. Perhaps let this one be footloose and fancy free...and control the heck out of the next one. Mama sure is adorable.