Monday, September 27, 2010

Teal and Black Wedding : Crunch time…

We were lucky to be able to rent the club for 2 days and could set up the day before. Thank goodness too because we had a lot to set up. We got there first thing in the morning with our cars loaded. Josh still a little groggy from his bachelor party shenanigans the night before, along with his best man and groomsmen. But still they all came to help set up. Along with all my girls and both our families. With all the help we did get a lot accomplished in the time we had.

I’m not going to lie, I was probably a little biotchy. It was an emotional day.

We did have a little fun while decorating.

We got done a little after lunch, I stopped at Staples to get a bigger memory card for my camera for the honeymoon and micky d’s for some lunch for the soon to be mr. and I. Everyone ran around doing last minute errands to get back to the club in time for rehearsal. Rehearsal went well then it was off to dinner at our favorite restaurant, Oliver’s. As we were leaving the rehearsal I remembered I forgot to pick up the panera order that we got for both houses for breakfast. My Mom graciously volunteered to pick it up as we all went to eat. Unfortunately they didn’t have our order ready and she had to wait quite a bit. Once she got to Oliver’s it was complete everyone was there and had a great time.

After dinner Josh and I said our last ‘single’ goodbyes and went our separate ways. The girls and I chilled out and went to bed.

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