Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Grey and Yellow Fall Wreath

Here is just a little something I whipped up the other day.

(wow I need to clean my door, yikes!)
I’m not sure what makes me so attracted to making wreaths.  Maybe it’s the thrifty side of me, not wanting to spend $30 on something that will hang on my front door for a few weeks, or if it’s the crafty side of me that likes the feeling of making something myself.  This wreath is easy, seriously.  My supplies cost about $7.00.  Which included a wreath, yarn and faux flowers.  I took a straw wreath, keep the shrink wrap on.  Wrapped yarn around the entire wreath (took approx. 2 hours of watching housewives to complete the wreath)  After it was completely wrapped I added some yellow flowers and faux leaves.  EASY!
I chose white and grey yarn and yellow flowers since I am in love with this color combination.  Have you completed any fall crafty projects?

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