Saturday, October 1, 2011

Too cheap for cheap?

I know, I know I haven't posted in awhile.  I think that's just how it's going to be so deal with it okay?!  It is what it is.  So anyway..I'm back...for now...
While I could post about the amazing summer with trips to Jersey and Jamaica, or the new business adventure.  I think I'll just post about my day today. It is the little thing after all that make me happy.
I met up with a dear friend and my Godchild for thrifting and breakfast to start this weekend off right.  Successful thrifting trip of $2.81 for a nice pair of dockers khakis for the hubs along with an american eagle sweater for him, and a bass sweater for me.  I don't lie $2.81.  I had no cash and unfortunately the debit minimum had to be $5, so I had to get back in line after using their debit machine.
Off to Mickey D's to get some bfast, I succesfully dumped an entire medium coffee on the floor infront of the registers, as Vickie successfully carried her baby, my food, her food and our thrifting loot?  I don't think I can be trusted with anything today.  After a delightful breakfast I headed home only to stop at the store for some more deals. We got a $10 off $20 to a new grocery store in the area so I headed in to get some grub. How cheap am I?  The store doesn't hand out bags so you either bring your own or buy a plastic bag for 6 cents.  I am this cheap. $15.80 for this, not $15.86.
Is it weird I almost felt like I was stealing, walking out of the store with no bags? I held my receipt, just in case someone questioned it.
Oh laundry soap update! I made some this am, with this recipe.  I altered it just a bit with some advice from the blogger.  Instead of using 6 bars of fels naptha, use 5 bars of mild bar soap and 2 fels naptha bars.  You will save a few $$.  I did this little trick with some Ivory soap and so far so good.
Apparently I will do anything to save a buck or 6 cents.  Off now to spend the night with the hubs and some Phils!

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