Sunday, August 29, 2010


Since someone is so anxiously awaiting my post on todays adventures here it is, just for you Dad.
Don't you just love how last minute plans end up being the best?  A few days ago I got in touch with my Biz to see if she was available this weekend to meet up.  I was amazed that the two of us had a weekend day free.  We decided to check out the Philadelphia Premium Outlets, you  know me and my bargains.  While I regret taking pictures of our illigal cupcake eating at Ruby Tuesdays, and ourselves weighted down with bags of goodies, I do have some stats.
First up tip number gazillion...always do your homework.  Check out the site and see if there are coupons.  Lucky for us, Gap and Banana Republic had 30% off this weekend!

awesome lantern I scored from Yankee
We first made a stop at Banana Republic and were amazed by the prices, Awesome!  I walked out of there with 2 shirts for the hubs,  2 shirts for me and a pair of pj pants for a grand total of $31.46, would have been  $13.49 more but I did my homework and found 30% off coupons.  Express I found another work shirt for $9.99, Gap I scored a nice jacket for $20.99, Champion I found 2 gym shorts for vball for $16.78, at Columbia nice swimming trunks for the hub $6.98, and finally Yankee Candle a surprise for me mum at $5 and 2 super cool lanterns for $10.  So for 5 shirts, a jacket, pjs, 2 shorts, swimming trunks, and candles and lanterns I spent $101.40.
The Biz also had a successful shopping trip, her hightlight was the 2 dresses she found for work for $36 total!  Looks like this outlet is legit, but as always check prices not all the stores were as good as the ones I mentioned.
We had a great day shopping and enjoying each others company.  Can't ask for more than spending time with a dear friend and a successful shopping trip!


  1. What a great day we had! I am sad I go back to work tomorrow, but happy that I have a new dress to wear on my 1st day of school!