Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Teal and Black Wedding : Girls in white dresses with BLACK satin sashes

I have ALWAYS loved the Sound of Music!  For those of you who didn't catch it thats where the post title comes from.
Let's talk dresses people!  First up, the bride, aka Jenny G.  About a year before my wedding my Mom and sister went to Alfred Angelos for my dress appointment. 

They had just opened up a store in our area and were holding of course a sale!  I believe it was $100 off.  At the time I thought it would be the onlly opportunity to save at the store so I grabbed it.  In reality they probably had about 5 sales of the same savings from the time I bought mine till my actual wedding.  If you have a store in your area go online and sign up for their email and they will be sure to let you know when their sales are.  Also the day I went the designer was there
I tried on 4 dresses.  Yes 4 Dresses.  Dude those things are hard to get into!  Plus I'm not really a 'try on clothes at the store' kind of girl.  4 was enough for me.  So these are the ones that did make the cut...The one above..um can we say too much boobage?
What am I Cinderella now?
This is the one I really thought was going to be the one.

And here it is 'THE DRESS', it was the first one I tried one...thinking I would get it out of the way...I loved it
Aww isn't my Mommy cute ?
Here is my dress in action on our big day, all pics below are from our photog Jenae, check out her blog.

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