Saturday, April 24, 2010

It's SEW nice...I wanna sing the same song twice

Gotta love RBF, I'm 'ska-ing' on the inside.  I'm sure they meant 'so' and not 'sew' however.

How random is this blog? Seriously, you must think I'm nuts. You're right.  I like to do lots of stuff, and they don't always make sense or go together.  Like when I was in high school, I was in choir, girls ensemble, county choir, and then on the high school Volleyball team.  At my high school those things didn't mix well.  So now you understand a little more why I am all over the place? I was made that way...not my fault. :-)

One of the many skills Mama B taught me was to sew.  She would sew a lot of our clothing growing up, my sister and I often were dressed as twins, especially around the holidays.  She even at one point had a side business of making cabbage patch doll clothes! In the future I hope to teach this skill to my little girl (s)(who has ringlets of red hair).

One of my good friends is pregnant with her first child, and really this is the first of my friends to become pregnant so it is very exciting.  What better gift than a hand made one?  I came across a few patterns on Etsy.  First the nursing apron

No body needs to be seeing the goods, right?

By no means am I an expert seamstress as the picture above shows you.
I love the fabric, don't you?  I hope the Mama to be does too! We'll find out tomorrow.
Next up was the nursing pads
No body needs to know you're lactating.
I love to sew, and really wish I had more time and patience for it.

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