Friday, February 4, 2011

Valentine's Day Crafts

Sometimes I wonder why I get all moody and tired and stressed.  Um hello maybe because you don't stop.  I can't help it but when I'm super busy I just find stuff to myself to continue on the super busy path till I just burst.
I really need to learn to slooooow down. But till then you get to see the craftyness I've been up to.
I found this lovely fabric flower wreath here.  This project took me way WAY longer than anticipated, but it definately is worth the hard work, don't you think? 

I think for St. Patricks Day I'll do  something like this.

found on feltsocute
But of course in different shades of green.
My biznit and I had a long overdue date this past weekend.  She found this and we HAD to make it.
It's a multi holiday decoration! One side is for Valentine's Day!

And the other side is for St. Patrick's Day!
From now on we will have craft days every other month.  It was a blast!
And this super easy craft literally took 2 minutes.  Draw a heart, fill with glue, put random sized red buttons in the heart. let dry and erase pencil drawn heart!  I'm guessing this would work wonderfully with a shamrock too and green buttons.
Have you taken on making your own decorations rather than purchasing them?

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