Sunday, February 20, 2011

Natural Air Conditioning

Some progress has been made on out family room!  We now have 2 wooden doors up, fully insulated and drywall being put up as we speak.  My brother is doing a steller job.

Remember when I said we had an air leak around our sliding door?  Well it was a little worse than we imagined.  As my brother pulled off all the paneling, we found this.
That is the top of the door and and good quarter of an inch of nothing! I don't know who installed this door but they must have stock in our electric company.  Unreal.  Good news is we put a stop to the constant air flow with some Great Stuff.  Hopefully this $4.95 item will save us a huge chunk on our electric bill.  Instantly we could feel a difference.
I'll keep you posted on the updates! More to come soon!  Oh and I'm also working on my St. Patricks Day Wreath, I know you are excited!

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