Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Love Day!

Happy Love Day everyone! I hope it's a special day that you can celebrate the love you have for all your favorite peeps.
My hubby and I just celebrated being 'officially official' for 11 years!  I cannot believe it's been that long, time flys when your having fun! 
Our story began as a romantic comedy I'm sure, Girl goes out with boy, boy goes crazy(literally), girl dumps crazy boy friend, girl falls in love with crazy boys best friend, girl bugs the heck out of her ex's best friend til he finally caves after 6 months to go out with her.  Talk about going after what you want ;-)  I just knew it was real.
For our 5 year anniversary I made him a scrapbook.  You know I actually printed out IM (oh yes these were the days of instant messanger, no facebook people!) conversations that we had.  I selected a few and put them in our scrapbook.  Along with the very first Valentine, the day right after becoming 'officially official'.
Happy 'Officially Official Day and Valentines day to my love !

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