Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Beginning

Hi, I'm Jenny G. So here's the story...I've been thinking about blogging for some time but really is my life that interesting that someone wants to read about it? Ah who cares! So I was out to dinner with my bff biznit Beth who was talking about starting one and I thought lets do it! Let's do the blog thing and see how it goes. So here I am.

Here is a list of somethings I want to blog about....
-my favorite day ever...aka. my wedding
-my wonderful family
-my funny and loving friends
-my daily random thoughts and adventures.
I think I will start with my biz, we had an adventure tonight at The Melting Pot

yum- freiken- o. So good! So we decided to do away with Christmas gifts and do a nice dinner....sure we could get each other power puff girl and blues clues paraphinalia but that is sooo 10 years ago

--- Oh btw I did horrible in English so if you think I'm going to edit or are offended by my miss use of commas and excessive use of exclamation points then you should probably just leave now...

Anyway....Melting Pot was great, and even greater spending time with my biz.* We've known each other since freshman year of college. We have some great stories...too bad I didn't have a blog back would have probably been much more interesting. Here's a pic of us 'back in the day' in our dorm of our dress-up days? I guess? I don't know I admit we were weird..strange..crazy but we had fun and to us that's all that mattered!!

Since then...we both graduated, got good jobs, got married, bought houses, and kinda grew up...makes me wonder what the next (almost) 10 years holds for us.
Time is so valuable these that is what we gave each other for Christmas, time together. And it was just what I needed. Nothing like a night out with your favorite girl.

*yes we call each other 'biznit' and can't remember where we picked it up...sometime in our college days.

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