Thursday, August 5, 2010

Buffalo Day 1

Early Tuesday we started our trek for wing and waterfall greatness.  It took about 6 hours to make it from our home to the Wing Capital.
Along the way we came across a few interesting things.
Scenic Look Out on RT 15

Past by where the Little League World Series is played.

A watermelon mountain
Oh and question of the day...has anyone ever been to Quiggleville...or know anyone from there?

Can you believe we saw all this before we even got out of PA?

We got into Buffalo oh around...

After checking into the hotel we took a drive into downtown Buffalo and drove to Lake Erie's Outer Harbor. 
There was a lovely trail there to see the sites.

It was very windy, and there were lots of sailboats out.

Before we checked into the hotel we checked out Duff's Wings and after our walk we had our Anchor Bar wings.  The Mr. was asked to guest post since he is the expert.  Stay posted!

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