Monday, February 22, 2010

Deal of the Week

I think I will start a segmant called "Deal of the Week" (DOTW) If you know me...and if not you will soon learn I love a good deal.  My Sundays consist of cutting out the coupons from the Sunday paper, sorting and arranging them into my catagorized 'coupon binder'.  Every Sunday Josh is amazed at the 'mess' I make on the living room floor.  I explain to him this is not 'mess' this is dolla dolla bills ya'll.  After sorting and organizing my coupons I think tackle the CVS, Walgreens and Target ads to find match ups.
Here are some of my coupon rules...
1. Don't buy an item just because you have a coupon.  This is tough...'but I can save .50 off of regular price' better yet...wait for it to go on sale THEN use the .50 off coupon, sweetness.
2.  Be prepared.  I have a baggie for CVS, Walgreens and Target, each have their own coupons in it.  For grocery shopping it's best to just bring the whole binder.
3.  Know the rules.  CVS, Walgreens and Target all can combine coupons.  Meaning, if you have a Target coupon for Campbells you can also use a manufacturer coupon.  chhha ching!

So this weeks DOTW was done at Walgreens.
Q-Tips 375 count-$1.99 - .30 MC (Manufacturer Coupon) = $1.69
Glade 2oz. Candle-2 for $5 - $3.00 MC= $2.00
Glade Candles- 2 for $5- $2.00 MC = $3.00
Peanut Butter Cup (ONLY because I had to...You have to have an item for every coupon you have and I had one more awesome coupon.)- .49
Last weeks DOTW Walgreens Coupon- $4.00

Total before coupons- $ 12.48
Total after coupons- $3.18 (before tax)

I love a good deal :-)

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