Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A taste of summer

If a strawberry twizzler in a can of soda doesn't taste like summer, I don't know what does.
As I was strolling around CVS getting my bargains ( 6 pack of Bounty Basic Papertowels on sale for $4.99 with a $1 off coupon for 3 :-))  I stumbled upon the strawberry chewy goodness that is the twizzler.  My impulse buy of the day, in hopes to settle my 5:00 sugar craving.  I didn't waste time to crack those babies open in the car.  Ahhh summer.
Josh stopped home on his 'lunch' tonight, and he declined a twizzler.  Stating it wasn't what summer tasted like, it's what going to the movies tasted like.  Oh well more for me then!
Yes, I just posted about twizzlers....it's the little things that excite me okay?!
What does summer taste like to you?

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