Sunday, May 20, 2012

It's a Girl!

When the hubs and I announced we were pregnant to our families we wanted to tell everyone at the same time and do something special.  So I got little chinese take out boxes at Michaels and in each one I wrote, "You're going to be an Aunt" or "Grandma".  So of course we had to do something special when we found out the sex of the baby.
We invited everyone one over for dinner the night we had the ultrasound. Luckily baby girl was cooporative for the ultrasound tech and we did indeed have something to announce.  We asked everyone to wear blue or pink, depending on if they thought baby g was a boy or a girl.
Unfortunatley Josh's Dad was in the hospital this day so we went straight to him and told him first.
We didn't make everyone wait too long, with pink balloons we announced it was a girl!

And then we celebrated with tacos and cupcakes, with pink frosting on the inside of course ;-)

Noah is especially excited for his cousin to arrive.

YAY! It's a girl!

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