Saturday, July 31, 2010

Teal and Black Wedding : Invites

Since I have been on a roll lately with my blogging I think I will go back to recapping our wedding.  Fill you in on the nitty gritty.
First... you are invited to come along as I start this recap journey with our oh so fitting beginning...the Invites.
I knew I wanted to do something crafty.  But with Volleyball in full swing and working full time oh and moving into our home, there just wasn't the time to be making these from scratch.  So I did a little of both.  I worked with Modern Ink Studios on Etsy.....oh how I looooovee Etsy....
I purchased a digital file for the invite, response card and map. I then went to Michaels with my 40% coupon in hand and individually purchased packs of black invites. Along with black ribbon.

This is what my bedroom floor looked like many times during the wedding planning...or as my Dad would call it..The Command Center
Scary I know
This is a little better.  I had an organized system...with any event organization is key!  Oh and Starbucks too :-)
Did we need maps? No...but they were so cute.  After all we didn't want anyone to get lost now did we? 

 So I literally printed out about 90 invites, 90 response cards and 90 maps. From my trusty Kodak printer...which I purchased from another awesome site, which was of course a steal. Woot!
Before assembling I got my invite list printed, labels printed, invites printed, bows bowed, glue dots ready, stamps and address stamper*. 

Assembling went pretty well...took awhile but I just pounded those babies out.  The hubs did assist with stamping (both the return address and the lovely polar bear stamps)

I look so thrilled don't I?
 Here it is in progression...oooo aaaaaaa....

Instead of having an inside envelope for the response card, we cut down on some $$ by having response postcards.  Not onlly saving money in envelopes but also in stamps.  Postcard stamp for the response cards and a regular stamp (no extra postage, yay) for the actual invite.  I felt the need to make it look like a package by adding the black ribbon and bow.  It was my way of making it my own.  I Semi-Homemade it...Sandra Lee would be so proud.

*Dear Thrifty Bride, Vistaprints has freebies...labels, self-inking address stampers and so much more. Check them out first before you buy!

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