Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Buy me some peanuts and AW SHUCKS CORN...

One recent hot August night we gathered a bunch of our friends and family for a good old fashioned baseball game.  Everyone (I hope) had a great time, lots of laughs. 

Sometimes at the expense of others. ~but really...if my zipper was busting out of my skirt I honestly would give you permission to make fun of me for it. literally busting at the seems~

The Hubs' sister rented out part of the Party Patio a few months back at Coca Cola Park for the Iron Pigs.  What better way to spend a summer night with a bunch of your favs!  On top of spending quality time, we lucked out in getting to see Victorino play in the game.  Here he is first time up to bat and making it to first.

For those of you non-Phillies fans (shame on you) he's on the baseball team, the Phillies.  That was almost embarrassing to even type, shame on you.
Oh and what is Aw Shucks?  Only the best corn on the cob you could ever possibly buy.
Ps. did I get Take Me Out To The Ball Game song stuck in your head?  Good, me too.

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