Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Crafty McCrafterson

Hello my fellow citizens!  Those of you from my college years, remember that? Yes I was pretty weird... or as some say...unique.
A few weeks ago I got a crafting idea in my head, when this happens it's stuck in there. Seriously I have to immediately drop what I am doing and run for Michael Moore (Michaels or AC Moore) to get supplies.  With the Mr. and I grilling out just about 3 times/week or more these days we were in need of some sort of carrying device so we didn't have to run up and down the stairs 20 times before dinner.

Then the light bulb went off.  We are green here people.

We were in need of a tray... and not just any tray, a crafty made by yours truly tray.

So I got myself a plain old wooden tray from Michaels with my handy 40% off coupon of course, and some clearance scrapbooking paper and paint.
Painted the tray with 2 coats of the paint and cut the paper into random width strips.  Here it is in all its randomness ready to be mod podged to the tray.

Mod Podged the paper then to the tray and let dry.  Then coated the entire tray in Mod Podge about 3 times.

And Voila!

I made swirly brush strokes with my Mod Podge for texture.

Perfect for wine glass carrying.
Horray for being lazy and not taking 20 trips up and down the stairs!  Oh and the Mod Podge is waterproof if you are wondering, just in case we get a little messy.
The options are endless, super cheap craft...possibly even gift?


  1. You are my hero! Some may say I have to get a life, but my life has been so positively impacted by my Jenny G I am not sure I could find one better.

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  3. Sorry for the delete, Freda allowed for some technical issues. But I said...Oh sorry also meant to mention that I refer to Freda as a barky barkerson, Keithas in his crankiness as a cranky crankerson. The pups gretsing as gretsy gretserson. I actual attribute this to my aunt but this may not be accurate.