Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas' my favorite

This post is dedicated to favorites.  My favorites to be exact.
Favorite Christmas CD- 98 Degrees- This Christmas. I can't help it, I am still a 98 Degrees fan...ahhh Nick Lachey you are a cutie.

Favorite Christmas Song-Oh Holy Night-I love the dramatic "FALLLLLL on Your kneeeeeeeeeees"
Favorite Christmas Movie-Elf, nuff said.

Favorite Christmas Food- My Mom's Sticky Buns, made only on Christmas morning.

Favorite Christmas Smell- The above stated sticky buns, yum!
Favorite Christmas Sound- Bells
Favorite Christmas Quote-"Merry Christmas, Everyone", "Every time a bell rings and angel get's his wings"
What are some of your favorites?
Merry Christmas Eve!

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