Thursday, June 10, 2010

Simple Life

We are a few hours away from some well deserved R&R.  Between volleyball, work and house projects we are sooo ready.  Nothing like nature to get your spirit refreshed.

We are off to Locust Lake, a PA state park just about an hour from our home.  I have had many family camping trips with friends, immediate family and extended family.  Lots and lots of fun memories and stories have come out of all those camping trips.  Now I share that with the hubby. 

Our first couple camping trips he was not sold on the idea.  I think it might be hard for some to relax.  There is really nothing to do besides set up camp, figure out what you are eating for dinner and go for a hike.  No checking email or facebook, no video games or tv, just pure out door fun and enjoying each others company.  Our lives today are so complicated, doing a million things at one time.  It's good to stop and smell the roses, or campfires.

1 comment:

  1. Sounds delightful! Nothing like smelling like camp fire, cooking randoms things and being thankful that they are completed without modern convienences. Have a blast! Freda would love to join you. I can pack her up really quickly!