Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Ugh Paper Towels

I really hate buying paper towels.  First of all I think they are expensive for what they are...paper.  Second I don't see a need for them.  However I live with someone who has a paper towel addiction so if I'm going to buy them I'm going to buy decent ones for cheap.  This 'someone' I speak of has gotten better and I'm sure the environment has benefited from it.
I know I haven't done a DOTW lately so here is one.  No, I did not buy 10 bottles of body wash, needless to say I think we are stocked from my last binge.  Here's what I got on my trip to CVS.  While not groundbreaking deals, still not too bad.

Degree Sport-  $2.50
MFC             - $1.00
Total              =$1.50

Dawn Dish soap- $.97
MFC              -  $.20
Total               = $.77

Crest Toothpaste -  $1.74
MFC                  - $1.00
Total                  = $.74

Bounty 8 Rolls-  $5.97
MFC               - $1.00
Total               = $4.97

Shopping total=  $6.98 (+tax)

Considering the paper towels alone normal price is $7.99, not bad.

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