Friday, August 20, 2010

Toasted Cheese

The past few days have been filled with tears, sorrow, joy, heartache, fear, anxiety, stress, smiles, hugs, kisses and most of all Love and Memories.
The love that this family has for one another is amazing.  They have been nonstop at the pops side for everything.  When I think about all the love, I get overwhelmed.  That is just in the immediate family.  The love that surrounds us is overwhelming as well.  So many people reaching out to help with anything we need, thoughtful phone calls, emails and texts, just dropping off meals with out even asking.  Sending flowers, delivering flowers, the mailbox full of cards.  Thank you so very much.
Memories are filled of hope, that everything will be okay and comfort, that everything is okay.  The past few days has been a rollarcoaster of emotions.  Saddness equaled out with happiness when talking about memories.
One memory that keeps coming up is one between Sandy and her grandson.  The toasted cheese story has been referenced atleast 3 times, probably more, in the past several days.  One day when Cameron was over, Sandy asked if he would like a toasted cheese sandwhich.  Unsure what a toasted cheese sandwhich was, Cameron said no, I'd like a grilled cheese.  And to Sandy that was a grilled cheese, so she had a few giggles and it has now become a family inside joke.
In the hard days to follow, memories and love are what we have to be strong and carry on.
Do me a favor, stop dwelling on the petty stuff and focus on what is important.  Family and friends.

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