Friday, September 17, 2010

Teal and Black Wedding : Flowers take dos

While I made the bouquets and my lovely assistants helped with the centerpieces, we did purchase some boutonnieres and corsages.
I wasn’t about to tackle a boutonniere or corsage so we went to our trusty grocery florist for them. We got bouts for my Grandfather and corsages for the Mom’s, Grandma and Josh’s sister.

We did have a lot of extra flowers, and originally we had big plans for them to be inside canning jars hung on shepard hooks lining the aisle. This was all before it decided to be the rainiest coldest week in October. The high that day was 45 degrees and rainy, so we had no choice to bring the whole ceremony inside. Our dreams of a nice fall outdoor wedding were crushed. The day before we had our mind made up, as it had been raining about 2 days prior and was supposed to continue till the end of the weekend. While everyone was waiting for me to breakdown because it would be raining on my wedding day, I remained calm and focused on the fact that it was out of our hands. I can be quite the control freak, so I’m sure this was just the universe regaining it’s control.

The plan was for everyone to sit at their assigned seats for the service as well as the reception. We did have a row of seats at the front for our honored guests our family. The shepherd hook canning jars with sprigs of fall colors were replaced with a beautifully decorated Trellis at the end of the aisle. The trellis I insisted on the morning of the wedding didn’t need to be decorated to my Mother, yet she went behind my back and did it anyway and so thankful she did.  She's so sneaky.

She called up a decorating friend of hers and he made his way to the venue and did it all out of the goodness of his heart. He did an awesome job. I love our ‘first kiss’ picture, doesn’t it look like the mums are fireworks going off?

Where did we get this awesome trellis? He made it.

My Dad a jack of all trades, built the trellis for us that now has a home in our patio. Isn’t it lovely?

I’m telling you peeps we had a hand in everything to make it our personal wedding. No one will have a wedding quite the same.

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