Sunday, September 26, 2010

Teal and Black Wedding : Par-tay!

I had a lovelly bachelorette party planned for me, with a few of my favorite ladies.  When asked if I had any ideas, I said nothing crazy, a low key night would be appreciated.  Maybe a spa day and dinner. Bingo!
We had a great time, we started at spa, the price included 2 services, I chose a massage and a pedi.  This was just what I needed the week before the wedding.  Everyone contributed to the delightful snacks and drinks.
After our pampering we headed to my parents for dinner.  My Mom set up a lovely sit down dinner for all of us.  Yummy salad and lasagna.

 Then the games began!  I received a care package from my Bridesmaid Beth with a few things to contribute since she was unable to make it.

 I had a constume change as I received not one but two fancy shirts!  The above from Beth and the one below from Stacy and Kylie.
 In my care package along with some other fun items was a game the man of the night...

 After our pin the kiss on the bachelor Mom brought out the kareoke machine and well my friends thats where the pictues stop.
I had a great time, it was just what I wanted, a girly good time with my friends, good food, and some pampering.  Perfect way to send me off to marraige land.

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