Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Hello my peeps, what's up?  Sorry I've been MIA, with the holiday and long weekend I've been a little busy.
I had a very productive weekend, and I'm quite proud with my accomplishments.
When we first moved in a little over a year ago it was a whirlwind, we successfully got the 3 upstairs bedrooms, washed, spackled, primed, painted and carpeted in about a week.  We would not have been able to do it with all the help we had from our family, lots of man hours were put in.  Since that first crazy week we painted and redecorated the living room, hallway and foyer.  We have just recently started tackling the downstairs, so far we have paint color picked out for the downstairs office, the walls are all ready to be painted and carpet will be picked out any day. 
In the mean time I thought I would start a little project of my own.  A spot that has been neglected but seen on a daily basis. The downstairs landing/hallway.It's not completed, just needs some trimwork done and the doors painted to match the trim, but you get the idea. I painted the walls and ceiling, and get this...put down new vinyl tiles. I'm so proud, all in a weekend.

Right after replacing the door into the garage.

Hallway/landing painted

Hallway/landing painted and new flooring!

Here is a better look at the tile

Woo hoo! Go me!
To celebrate the update and Labor Day, Sangria was just what my sore muscles ordered.  Don't worry...it's healthy, I mean look at all the fruit
Here's my fav recipe. Yum.

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